Examining The Cost Of Smoking Vs Vaping

smoking vs vaping

Let’s take a look at one of the most important things when it comes to smoking vs vaping and the on-going war between the two. There’s the cost factor. Let’s start off right away by stating that vaping probably does cost a bit more if you’re used to spending $10 every couple of days to make sure your smoking habit is well in check. People spend a ridiculous amount of money on cigarettes and that’s assuming you only spend $10 every couple of days which is what for smokers, one and a half packs? It depends on the state you’re in and what you smoke but everything my friends smoke costs $6 a pack.

Should you let the higher cost of vaping deter you from smoking? Definitely not. Vaping is an amazing experience and I highly recommend even if you don’t switch that you at least try it out. When you look at some start up vaping kits, they can cost you roughly around $50. Sure, they’re not the cheapest out there but we’ll talk about the long run versus the cost of smoking as well. Then, you have the cost of purchasing all of those e-juice products and the coil related products. Sure, it can add up relatively quickly but it’s a well worth it expense in the end for quite a few different reasons.

Now, let’s examine the cost of smoking real quick. When you look at people who smoke cigarettes and when they go to gas stations, they usually like to stare at the selection because they want to see the different pricing. Just in 2014 alone, the price of a cigarette pack could be anywhere from $5.25 to $13 in most states. That’s kind of insane for something that’ll last the addicted smoker a mere 30 minutes to an hour. Then, you have to factor in that there’s people who smoke multiple packs a day and while this takes a tremendous toll on their health both inside and out, it still doesn’t change the cost effect of their addiction. Do you know how much the average vaper spends a month? $200 freaking dollars.

You heard that right, just a mere $200. It’s really that low. So if you haven’t considered switching yet, maybe that new cost association will give you a boost. Not only that but let’s talk about the actual long term costs of smoking. Let’s talk about what smoking cigarettes really do to your body and the long term effects of them. Then, maybe you can tell me if they’re worth it or if maybe it’s time to kick the addiction to those unhealthy sticks and kick them to the curb for good.

There’s cancer which a lot of smokers (long term) have, there’s lung problems, sometimes smokers have their lungs turn black and they can’t move in any way shape or form like they used to be able to. This is the price people pay for smoking. They can’t quit but the cost of your life is far greater than a dollar amount.

Switching to Vaporizing E-Liquids

E-Cigs captured the attention of thousands (eventually millions) of tobacco smokers who began switching and quitting tobacco because of the multitude of reasons that users associated with their use including no tobacco smell and reports of better breathing and lung capacity. While electronic cigarettes are no FDA approved, many doctors, health physicians and health advocates support their use and actively fight to keep vapes on shelves. Instead of receiving toxic cigarette smoke with thousands of carcinoids and chemicals, vapers breathe in clean water vapor with cultivated e-liquid, same nicotine utilized for FDA-approved nicotine patch and nicotine cessation lozenges.

E-cigs were first made in China and were created by Hon Likk. The first electronic cigarette device was sold in China and is now the first gen of e-cigarettes. Since the creation of e-cigs, other forms of vapes such as e-cigars and e-hookah devices have risen in popularity. The newest version of vapes are equipped with smartchips and have USDA ingredients; higher quality e-juices.

Mod vaporizers have also come to light, which are basically ‘electronic cigarettes’ yet are generally larger and more advanced. Both vaporizers and electronic cigarette devices are generally either tobacco or menthol flavored e-liquids and can range in nicotine between zero or ‘no nicotine’ up to 34mg or even 2.4% nicotine by volume. For future vapers interested in flavored electronic cigarettes (many vapers steer clear of tobacco flavors because it helps in letting go of tobacco cigarettes) there are electronic hookah pens with delicious fruit and dessert flavors; also Electronic-cigarette cartridges ranging in flavors from peach to cereals. The expansive market has made a distinct point to assist smokers while manufacturing products tailored to demand and wants/desire, which also includes the higher and lower nic levels, puffcounts and flavors.

For new vapers interested in new nicotine alternatives, there exists a vast accumulation of online smoke and vape retailers as well as eliquid manufacturing that distribute vapor and e-cigs for less money than brick and mortar shops. Also, vendors online send new customers products, often with a warranty and a company guarantee. There also exist customer service representatives that assist new e-cig users with finding the correct vapor hardware. While millions of smokers may are persuaded by sensational propaganda, many customer outlooks and opinions quickly shift once conversing with a skilled vaping expert who knows the politics, safety and hard-ware aspects of the billion-dollar electronic cigarette and vaporizer industry that continues to profit and expand.

Tips on How To Find A Good Vape Pen Without Nicotine

vape pen without nicotine

Vape pen without nicotine is gaining popularity among the smoking enthusiasts. These vaporizer pens work with oils and concentrates. The electronic vapor hookah is small and much admired for its compact size and design. Its portability makes it much sought after and therefore, it is replacing traditional smoking methods. The freedom to carry it to anywhere is what makes youngsters hook to this hookah. The pen hookah is powered by batteries and thus, it can be used anywhere. Unlike traditional hookahs, there is no need to fill the hookah with coal and heat it. Whether you are at home or travelling to far off area, you can easily carry around your electronic vapor hookah.

Vape pens uses a vapor-liquid, which is available in different flavors. A few drops of this liquid is enough to release light and soothing vapors. The vaporizer can be activated by simply pressing a button. Many people are shifting to electronic vapor hookah because of its numerous benefits and less harms to the health.

hookah pen without nicotine gives an ultimate smoking and puffing experience to anyone. As these hookahs do not produce smoke, so they are a safe alternative. No smoke means, no exposure to carcinogens. Moreover, electronic vapor hookah is not a threat to passive smokers. Therefore, anyone can smoke these hookahs at anywhere and at any time, even at public places. The hookah is also safe for the environment.

vape penThe pen hookah is available online. Many websites that offer electronic vapor hookah and vapor e-juice to cater to the section of people, who like smoking electronic hookah; however, it is crucial that you choose a website that has a good reputation and offers timely deliveries.

To confirm that you deal with the best pen hookah supplier, check out the testimonials on the website and even go through the reviews. Check out the credentials of the company, know about their shipping, and refund policies. You can buy electronic hookah from eHUQA, which is a California-based company that offers Shift Digital Bowl, which allows any hookah on the market to be converted into an electronic vapor hookah. These hookahs use a blend of naturally flavored vegetable glycerin and atomizers that produce vapors and do not produce ash and smoke.

You can order the needed hookah, conversion kits, and e-vapor liquid from them by simply visiting their website and ordering the products. They offer the products at highly affordable prices and make buying hookahs a pleasant experience. The refill based hookah pens can be a good choice if you love different flavours. While the disposable hookah pens come with just one flavour, you can choose from a variety of flavours for your refillable hookah pen; you get a change every time you refill! The e-liquid or the e-juice will have to be added manually as per your choice of flavour. Most of the flavour options for the vape pens have non-nicotine flavours, enabling you to be nicotine free as well. You can even take up mixing two different flavours if you end up feeling too adventurous!

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